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Mahaanui Kurataiao Ltd.

Papatipu Rūnanga

Mahaanui Kurataiao is a charitable, resource and environmental management, advisory company established in 2007 by the six Papatipu Rūnanga of Te Tai o Mahaanui.

The purpose and role of Mahaanui Kurataiao is to assist and improve the recognition and protection of; Rangatiratanga, mahinga kai and taonga species; within the respective takiwā of each Papatipu Rūnanga. The geographic scope of Mahaanui Kurataiao extends from the Hurunui River in the north, to the Hakatere/Ashburton River in the south, and inland to Kā Tiritiri o Te Moana (the Southern Alps).

Mahaanui Kurataiao also administers the Rūnanga-authorised 2013 Mahaanui Iwi Management Plan. This Plan sets out the environmental interests and issues of ngā Rūnanga and the policy response necessary to achieve their objectives, priorities and expectations for environmental management in their takiwā.

In addition to the above, Mahaanui Kurataiao facilitates engagement between council, crown and private organisations or individuals. This engagement is coupled with independent analysis of any technical information and documentation. Mahaanui Kurataiao carries a staff base with training in disciplines such as, planning, environmental management, ecology, GIS mapping, archaeology, and engineering.

Mahaanui Kurataiao provides advice and facilitates authorised official Rūnanga positions on plan changes, resource consents, archaeological authorities, various projects within or affecting waterways, reserves management, infrastructure installation and repair, and a wide range of council and crown-related projects.

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